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Create a Primo Audio Experience in Your Home

We have evolved passed the era where we have to crank a boom box up to the highest volume in order to be able to listen to music throughout the house. Elite Custom Audio Video specializes in installing professionally designed home audio systems that are carefully crafted so that you can easily listen to music throughout your home or office no matter what room you’re in! If this is something you’re interested in, then read on to learn what kinds of primo audio experiences you can create in different areas of your house and office with our help!

Home Theater Room

This home theater was designed and installed by Elite Custom Audio Video in San Diego.

If you love movies and the comfort of your own home, then a dedicated home theater should be one of the first things you’d want to consider having us design and install! Think about how nice it would be to be able to drink a large coca cola and munch on a big bag of popcorn without paying an arm and a leg for it, being able to talk without being yelled at, pausing the move when you have to use the bathroom, and not to mention, being able to listen to it with the best surround sound and the best seat in the house! There are many benefits to having a home theater system and Elite Custom Audio Video can help you make this a reality with an amazing audio and surround sound system!

When creating an audio system, the current reference surround sound standard is 3D audio playback in the form of of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D. These systems all use multiple speakers placed in a strategic-circular setup around the room and directly around the listener with more speakers placed overhead to create a true, hemispherical surround sound experience. This strategic set up of the speakers, creates an audio experience that makes the movie feel real! If there is rain in the movie, it will sound as though it really is falling all around you, if a plane flies over in the movie, you will almost duck with how realistic the sound makes it feel! Don’t even let us get started with how real we can make a scary movie with these surround sound speaker installations!

If you’re worried about the aesthetics of all of these speakers in one room, don’t be! Elite Custom Audio Video has many many options to choose from to match the style and look of your home theater room and some of those options include hiding the speakers with high quality HD printed images that would appear as though it is simply art in the room.

Convert the Living room into a Media Room

If you don’t have a room in your house that you can dedicate to an “in-home theater” orMedia room by Elite Custom Audio Video cinema, you might be interested in turning your living room into what some call a “media room”. These media rooms are great for watching your favorite sports games with friends, have a gaming session with guests, cozy movies with the family and your favorite television shows whenever you have free time to relax. These media rooms can also be used to simply stream some great high resolution audio to listen to your favorite music while you work around the house.

Since the living room is where we would normally create a media room, the decorating style of the house is going to play a role in how we design it for you. We have many speaker options which include sleek and modern low profile svelte speakers that we can place to border your large flat panel television, or built in speakers that border a fireplace and among many other options, we can even build speakers into the ceiling of the room. These “in-ceiling” speakers would be color matched to your paint color and we would install them to direct the sound toward you instead of toward the floor. These are great options when you don’t want to use floor space or wall space for speakers.

Quality TV Sound

Although there are some exceptions to this, if you have purchased a TV in the last 5 years, the audio that comes from that TV alone is probably horrible. With how expensive these large TV’s are, you’d think they’d have better sound coming from them but the truth is, your mainly paying for good picture quality.

With televisions getting skinnier and flatter with the demand of more “sleek” options for consumers, this does not leave enough room to install proper speakers into the unit. Then when it became popular to purchase TV’s with an all-screen, bezel-less design, it basically eliminated the one place speakers are normally installed and the only place to put the speaker at that point is behind the TV. I’m sure you can imagine, this is not ideal for sound quality. This is where soundbars come in.

TV with Sound bar.png

Elite Custom Audio Video recommends the higher quality, more premium sound bars because they not only help you understand the people talking in the movie or show, there is technology within those speaker bars that create a surround sound feel and some of them even incorporate a wireless subwoofer that help create the bass “stomp” you would normally get in a real theater. The great thing about soundbars is that they can either be mounted on the wall below the TV, or they can easily just sit on a shelf or cabinet and can be programmed to be controlled with your TV’s remote control for ease of use.

Outdoor Entertainment

Elite Custom Audio Video is so lucky to be able to be based in Southern California and work mostly with clients in the Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles County. These locations get beautiful weather which creates the desire to be able to host and spend quality time in your patio or backyard. Think about all of the BBQ’s and pool parties you could enjoy even more if you had a nice speaker and audio system outside.

Outdoor entertainment systemWhen setting up a speaker system outside, you want to insure that the sound is set up strategically enough that you aren’t blasting your neighbors, that you can control the audio system easily without having to run in and out of the house to do it and you want the sound spread out evenly so not one person is blasted with noise while someone on the other end of the backyard can hardly hear anything. You also want to create a different look than you would inside the house so that some of the speakers blend into the landscaping of your backyard or patio. We can even set up your speaker system so that they are hidden and almost invisible and sub woofers can be buried into the ground which creates a cool subterranean bass coming from the floor! Elite Custom Audio Video likes to place multiple speakers outside so that you can enjoy your music at lower volumes but still hear it all around the back yard with ease and with high quality no matter how large your backyard is and by setting up this system with your home automation system, you can control everything right from your smartphone or laptop!



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