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Indoor/Outdoor Projection System Featured on Man Caves!

Elite Custom Audio Video is proud to announce that we were hired as a home improvement and electrical team for the Man Caves show that airs on the DIY Network. The episode we assisted with was Season 12, episode 7 titled “Man Caves Build MLB All Star Nomar Garciaparra and his wife Mia Hamm the ultimate Man Cave“. Nomar Garciaparra is a former major league baseball player and The Man Caves Show wanted to take the Garciaparra’s unused patio in his home in La Habra Heights, Ca and build an indoor/outdoor “man cave” for him and his wife to have a place to host and entertain guests. 

When our Elite Custom Audio Video team was hired to help, Man Caves had already installed a beautiful glass window wall around the patio that would easily fold into itself until it was open completely to create a seamless indoor/outdoor patio! They hired our team to come in and help with creating their indoor/outdoor home theater entertainment system with surround sound and we only had three days to do a job that would have normally taken anywhere between 7-14 days to complete! Our electrical team ended up even helping the Man Caves team with a beer keg they had installed that wasn’t working by fixing the electrical wiring connected to it! Then there were some issues with the way the new projector was framed so our Elite Custom Audio Video team had to make Nomar-Garciaparra-game-room-man-cave_by Elite Custom Audio Videospecial brackets and cut it into the ceiling and have it dry walled. It took two full days to get the electrical wired for the entire system and when all of the equipment arrived the third day, we only had time to get it all installed before filming started for the show! We added a universal remote system for the family room surround sound system with a Samsung Plasma TV above a fireplace and then ordered and installed a Stewart film screen and an Epson pro 6030 outdoor projection system with speakers. We installed and positioned the projector so that it could be watched from inside the home or outside the home by simply flip-reversing the projector and watching it from the other side which would be from outside the patio.

Elite Custom Audio Video is a California licensed electrical contractor that offers multiple levels of home theater systems based on our clients’ individual needs specializing in home automation, lighting controls, telephone and security surveillance system installations, outdoor entertainment systems and more! We offer our audio, video, lighting and home theater services to both residential and commercial properties across the Inland Empire including but not limited to Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Pasadena, the San Gabriel Valley, Palm Desert, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills and more! We invite you to please contact us for an appointment to visit our private show room in Upland, Ca. 


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