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Home Theater Design and Installation

elite-custom-audio-video-home-theater1Elite Custom Audio Video is a California electrical contractor that, among other things, specializes in the design and installation of custom home theaters and home cinemas. We handle the entire process from the lighting, surround sound, movie projectors or TV’s, Seating, acoustic panels and even carpet! You dream up the lavish home theater you desire, and we will help you create it from start to finish! We also make everything automated so that with the touch of a button on your Ipad, laptop or Iphone, you can control everything…even your heating and air conditioning!

When creating home theater systems for our clients, Elite Custom Audio Video’s goal is to

Elite Custom Audio Video installed the lighting, speakers, large projector for the TV, surround sound, acoustics and furniture to create this home theater.

bring the movie theater to their home. This is re-created with a large cinema screen, an audio/video surround sound system that evokes your senses to the point of becoming an interactive experience and proper lighting. Stadium designed seating, in plush configurations, from a sofa, to a sectional, or a recliner, with a personal drink holder, and even a food tray. The custom details and personal elements of printed carpet, fluted wall sconces, fiberoptic lighting, concession cart, and a life size butler statue to take your guests tickets as they enter, all aid in enhancing your entertainment adventure. You will never want to leave home! The key is getting the sight lines to the home theater screen right. You want all viewers to enjoy the entire picture without having to look over or around someone’s head, and you don’t want viewers to have to stretch their necks to see the screen. Our Elite design experts resolve this, we have full CAD design services so you know exactly what your Home Theater will look like when completed. Line of sight is a tricky subject and can make or break a room where you have more than one row of seats.

At Elite Custom Audio Video, we can help you with creating the best home theater experience which includes the film experience, the room design, home theater acoustics, acoustics and soundproofing, subwoofer placement, surround sound speaker placements, ventillation and the automated system to control it all from a remote, your Iphone, a laptop or your Ipad.

Elite Custom Audio Video LogoWe are based in Upland, Ca and offer our audio, video, lighting and home theater services to both residential and commercial properties across the Inland Empire including but not limited to Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Pasadena, the San Gabriel Valley, Palm Desert, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills and more! We invite you to visit our 7,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art showroom in Upland, Ca to experience some of the finest audio video systems of today and tomorrow.


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